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ROI - Marketing Vs. People

People are Your Greatest Asset or Biggest Liability in Business.

People may join an organisation because they admire and respect what it says it stands for. They leave because the leaders who manage them don’t walk the talk. They also they don’t feel valued, appreciated or acknowledged for the contribution they are making. They disengage long before they leave.

You don't empower people, and you don't create culture. You simply live out what you believe, and that IS your culture. And those beliefs determine who you hire, how you treat them, and whether they ever engage in building a great company, not for you, but with you.

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Profits Come From Clever Thinking

All savvy business people know that in order to work out a return on investment, the ROI on marketing spend is imperative to growth.

So much effort and resources can go into marketing your business while the very thing that can derail all that investment of time, resources and money are your people.

Focus on What’s Important Every Time

Qualifications and experience are of course, valuable, but imagine if you had clear, predictive information to inform you whether the people you hire are likely to fit your business and be successful in their job.

What if you knew that before you even read the CV?



ROI on People Can Be Negative

Employing the wrong people who don’t fit the job, your culture and environment can leak profits quickly.

That's why it's just as imperative to have an objective as possible measure of your people, especially behaviourally, BEFORE you employ them.

behaviour should be measurable

Numerous studies show that anyone that doesn't enjoy their work and interactions with their colleagues will almost certainly perform poorly and that will slowly drain your profits and kill your business.

Yet so many businesses still hire on qualifications and expertise, instead of ensuring behaviour is on the table as a measurable.

Job Specific Success Factors

At Harrison Assessments we use clever analytics and measure 175 different traits and work related factors so you can match people PRECISELY to their job, predict how best to manage and develop them and ensure your team is well matched.

Talk to us about using the power of data analytics to pull the best and most effective teams together for your clients.



Do You Run a Coaching or Consultancy Practice? If you are curious to know how the Harrison Method could work for you evaluate the power of behavioural analytics first hand and see for yourself!

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