How to Grow Your Coaching/Consultancy Business,
Gain New Skills and Generate Extra Income


Introducing James Bryden

15 Years delivering talent insights and analytics solutions

25 Years as a business owner, professional sports coach, and people leader

Trained a network of successful coaches in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US and Canada.

Passionate about People and Productivity

Harrison Assessments Authorised Managing Partner

So, What do we do?

We assist Leaders in identifying what isn’t working well with the people side of their business.

Find Solutions help get better, more effective outcomes.


Support Consultants with technology, insight and methodologies to build a practice focused on better people outcomes for their clients.

Teach business owners and managers
a way of achieving better results from their people and getting them working together effectively.

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What we will cover

Uncover a meaningful and powerful strategy to get your clients thinking critically
about their people issues.

Show how you can create clarity and excellent outcomes for your clients around their people needs.

Offer you a gift to the value of $550 if you qualify.

3 Things You Must Get Your Clients to Focus on


Step 1 - Clarity

Until someone understands the problem in its entirety,
they will not connect to the solution.

The problem is seldom the problem our client thinks it is.

Our job is to help our client uncover
the real reason they are having problems

Inevitably, because businesses are run by people, the problem and the solution lie within.

The Hidden Costs of People Problems

  • Morale
  • Mental Health
  • Staff Turnover
  • Culture
  • Synergy
  • Business Outcomes
  • Profit……and more

The Cost of Poor Leadership

Technical Experts are not necessarily Leaders

Bad Bosses cost over A$13 billion* per annum

"People leave people, not Businesses!"


Step 2 - Diagnose

Help leaders understand
themselves first

As solutions providers, we
help clarify the behaviors
that may help but also
hinder leaders

Build massive rapport through
excellent service

Analytics are the key to achieving great people outcomes

Deeper Insight

Human Centered

Predict Performance & Potential

Informs whole of employee lifecycle

What are Behavioural Analytics?

Measure people’s interests, preferences and behavioural tendencies.

Quantify behavioural traits in a way that tells a story.

Data that can be used to identify people potential in any business, at all levels.

Allows Leaders to measure risks, potential and development needs based on clear, actionable information.


Paradox Behaviour
How opposite behaviours work together


POWER Paradox -Benefits and Derailers - Answers


Step 3 - Solution

  • Recruitment Screening
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Career and Leadership Development
  • Individual and Team Coaching
  • Workforce Planning
  • Succession Planning
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An Opportunity to Grow your Business

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) – Talent Management System

Career support system (Career Navigator)

Paradox Technology for individuals and teams

Build a practice providing deep dive Organisational Analytics

Low entry cost. Allow around $3000 for accreditation and reports (which you should recoup easily with your first 5 coaching clients)

Solutions You Can Offer

Outsourced recruitment

Outsourced Recruitment

workplace strategy


Coaching and Development

Coaching & Development

Implementation of Talen Analytics

Implementation of Talent Analytics

Leadership insight and coaching

Leadership Insight and Coaching

Team Development


Team Workforce Planning


Career planing


Training & Support

Help and support you to drive results for your clients while building passive income
which increases over time.

Support to train and certify as an accredited Harrison Assessments consultant.

Provide regular meetings for continued professional development.

Share best practices and enhancements to build your knowledge.


Do You Run a Coaching or Consultancy Practice?

If you are curious to know how the Harrison Method could work for you, we have a great offer….

Free Harrison Assessment report with 1 hour Debrief - Value $550

Evaluate the power of Behavioural analytics first hand and see for yourself.

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Before You Go....

If you are keen and want to accept my offer to try out our unique system, stay online and arrange a chat with me….

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