What is Wisdumb

By James Bryden | July 1, 2024

Wisdumb, a paradoxical word that encapsulates both wisdom and a sense of being dumb (as in ignorant, lacking knowledge or awareness in general), is a […]

The Power of Not Knowing

By James Bryden | July 1, 2024

Not knowing is an uncomfortable state for many people. Our culture assumes that more knowledge equals more power and certainty, making ignorance feel like a […]


By James Bryden | June 29, 2024

Creativity, in all its forms, arises out of curiosity, uncertainty, and traits like intelligence, perseverance, and unique cognitive abilities. It flourishes when conscious preparation combines […]

Your Greatest Strength?

By James Bryden | July 9, 2022

Your Greatest Strength?   When I look at the world we live in and the part we play in it, I’m reminded of what makes […]

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