Australian businesses are in crisis! The Great Resignation is real with a recent NAB survey finding 1 in 5 workers have left their jobs in the last 12 months. When employee turnover can cost as much as 150% of an annual salary in direct and indirect costs, including lost productivity, companies must find ways to keep their employees fulfilled and engaged if they want to keep their best staff and save tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

James Bryden, Country Manager for Harrison Assessments, has worked with hundreds of businesses who now know that retaining their best employees is key to a highly productive and motivated workplace. “Staff need to feel appreciated and have a clear career plan for growth and development if they are to remain loyal to a company,” he said. “The pandemic has left workers feeling burnt out and under-valued and business owners and leaders must learn to recognise the signs of disengaged employees.”

“Increasing sick days, negative attitudes from staff and friction between employees are obvious signs of issues with staff moral,” said Mr. Bryden. “Every business is unique and needs a customised plan to keep their best employees happy,” he said. “We work with leaders to understand the culture within their organisations, so they can quickly address issues among employees who are not fulfilled in the workplace. Nobody wants a mass exodus,” he says, “as often when one employee leaves, others will follow, and this can have a huge effect on a companies’ bottom line.”

Culture is often overlooked in many SME businesses across Australia. However, there are simple yet effective ways with which you can encourage employees to feel more valued in the workplace. “It’s not just about the money,” James said. “When managers praise employees for their contribution, offer them a chance for their opinions to be heard and consider more flexible working conditions, employee satisfaction will increase exponentially.” But it’s also important to know that each business is different and needs a tailored approach.

Having worked with business leaders across a variety of industries, delivering insights and analytic solutions over the last 15 years, James knows that when organisations have the tools and confidence to allow their people to advance and grow in the workplace, a thriving culture develops and productivity increases. “I truly believe that when employees can enjoy their career journey, this positively impacts not just their business life, but their health, well-being, their community and society as a whole.”

James Bryden has worked across 6 countries over 25 years as a business owner, coach, a professional sports coach and people leader. He focuses on assisting leaders to build a positive and productive culture within their organisation.

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