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Let us help you define your path by doing what you love. Find your calling today and land your dream job.

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Finding the right job or selecting the right person is not an easy task. Identifying the best applicant first time is what we do.

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Employee Development

The Productivity Coach specialises in helping managers predict, manage and coach workplace behaviour.

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Some of our Client's Thoughts

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James is a deeply respectful person with a deep insight into people, performance and culture. His experience just comes through and when he provided me with a business solution I had to listen and it made a huge impact. James lives his philosophy of enabling people in business and he deals with everyone in a very human way. I would recommend anyone in business to talk to James about how to get optimum performance, whatever your circumstances.

Lesley Hardy

James is a man and a great listener. Now that’s pretty rare! Jokes aside, James is a lovely person with a gentle, nurturing personality and a calming effect on people, and I reckon THAT is the secret to being a truly enabling coach who empowers his clients to transform themselves inside out. There is something Zen-monk like about James, in the sense that he is not a hyped up rahrah coach who might unleash his heavyweight coaching expertise on you with great force, and bombard you into jumping up and changing your life by invoking his 12-step system. James' kungfu is more profound, almost hypnotic yet respectfully so, guiding you to find your own wisdom and set our own path while relegating his expertise and assessment tools to support roles and not making them the stars of the coaching relationship. Just have a chat with him and see if he has the same quietly nurturing effect on you too.

Alexis Ee-Khem Aw

Jim Bryden is an outstanding thinker; a quality he shares unhesitatingly with his many grateful clients. He brings an extraordinary intellect and sharp focus to his work. But just as importantly, Jim is a man of deep compassion and emotional insight. I believe these are the qualities that add special value to the lives of the people who come to Jim for assistance. I recommend Jim Bryden without hesitation. He's a Game Changer AND a Life Changer.

Kym Bidstrup